Innokin iClear Replacement Coils

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Innokin iClear 16 dual replacement coils. They have two long wicks, one for each coil within each replacement head. *Sold in packs of 5

iClear 16b & 16d replacement coil with long wicks outside, the coil leaves several thread ends outside and the size of this coil is smaller than the iClear16 replacement coil. *Sold in 5 packs

iClear 30: These are the replacement coils for the Innokin iClear 30 Clearomizer. The heads have 8 long wicks (4 per coil) for more consistent flow of juice to the coils, regardless of the position of the device at the time of use.

iClear x1 & 30b: These replacement heads are designed for the Innokin iclear 30b and x1 tanks. *Sold in 5 packs